Astronaut Bio Monitor

Carré Technologies
Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, CAD
Payload first flown on International Space Station Missions 58.

Analysing the pulse of the mission, has become an essential attribute for astronauts flying on the International Space Station (ISS) and on to future Moon and Mars missions. Vitals such as heart rate, skin temperature, respiration, blood oxygenation, blood pressure and activity levels are monitored constantly by way of the ready to wear Astroskin(R) bio-monitor.

Fist used by astronaut David St. Jacques on ISS mission 58, this system has proven its worth. The heart of the system is the On-Orbit Controller and its recording device connected to the wearable bio monitor. All data during the flight using space-based telecom technology. Astronaut’s health variables are relayed to the ground-based receivers for monitoring.

On-Orbit Controller

The miniature Astroskin® portable recorders dock with the On-Orbit-Controller to download data and recharge batteries. Simple variables such as product volume, weight, reliability and durability have never before been scrutinized to such levels. After all returning the product for warranty repair was not an option.

Seamless Integration

The Astroskin® recorder module is simply removed from its docking station and slides into the astronaut’s base layer to record vitals without interfering with daily tasks.

Zero Gravity Design

Spaceflight poses a whole new set of challenges that no other product of this world is faced with. User interation in a zero gravity environment was studied and folded into the design process. A yearlong testing regime by NASA and The Canadian Space Agency was required to certify the On-Orbit-Controller for flight. Even the 17 conductor wire connector had to be developed ensuring reliability and ease of use.

Details Count

Details such as a simple battery change in zero gravity presented a certification challenge as no parts could become dethatched during the mission. An ingenious system partially ejected the battery to allow controlled manipulation at all times. All payload certification criteria were met constituting one of the most detailed certification processes experience by our firm.