Industrial Design Services

We create innovative product designs people love

Our mission is to help companies develop innovative class leading product solutions.

Our creative approach to product development is focused on crafting a best-in-class user experience with optimized aesthetics, ergonomics, value rich innovations, intellectual property strategies as well as cost reduction.


At the start of any project, a thorough analysis of market dynamics allows our team to understand problems and identify opportunities. Not always being an SME (subject matter expert) provides a fresh perspective and targeted questions to be asked, all leading to innovation.

This first step does result in our becoming a very different kind or subject matter expert as all research is done in effort to shift paradigms. Cross pollinating from our knowledge base permits materials, technologies and know- how from disparate sectors to be provide innovation.


Throughout our design process, the end user is at the heart of all decisions.

Not only do we research what is coveted by users, we study latent and fresh opportunities often resulting in our surprising the populace with unexpected approaches. Innovation is mined redefining user experiences and opening up opportunity.


Ideation is where magic happens and where we have opportunity to sprinkle a little Pixi dust onto our projects. Synthesising information collected in our research phase, pathways to solving the challenges of the mandate are explored.

This is done through copious ideation sketches and model building. There is no substitute for seeing and touching a real representation of the concepts being developed.

Geometries are also built virtually on our CAD systems to cross reference our sketches and models, and test them.This is typically the most involving singular phase of the project and where no stones are left unturned.


Using only the most powerful CAD softwares available, concepts are given life, virtually. As concepts are transitioned to real world production and production tooling, our 3D CAD file are leveraged fully.

The most minute details are detailed in this phase of work.CAD models can be used in performing CAE (computer aided engineering) analysis such as finaite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, etc.

Ultimately, these models are what feeds the pre-production process.


Yes, numerous rough exploratory prototypes are made during the course of a project, but once all CAD files are complete and ready to transfer to production, we deliver afinal prototype(s) that act not only as a proof of concept, but also to help managementand sales to actively start sales endeavors.

All products conceived are built using ourextensive prototyping network, from single validation models to small production runs asneed be.


Decades of experience as well as a deep understanding of patent strategies and intellectual property law has positioned our firm to provide this very important added value service leading to legal monopolies granted to our clients.

Our product development services start with studying competitors' patents so as to understand what opportunities may be available. This analysis is carried forward into concept development where our methodologies support invention and new proprietary claim development.

Having drafted numerous patent filings, not only is invention important but having the ability to communicate and write patent concepts is pivotal in recruiting the approval of patent examiners.

As need be, these services can be provided to ensure our knowledgeof the inventions we generate are secured as granted patents for our clients.

Should patents already be filed, our ability to understand and interpret claims leads tothe actual integration and personification of these concepts in the manufactured good.

Often, in the design process, we are able to help strengthen claims permitting the filingof Continuation In Part (CIP) patents, further locking in our clients’ interests andcorporate valuation.


Our team is able to hand over production-ready specifications at the end of a mandate. That said, some clients manage their own production internally, and some, such as start-ups, benefit from our pre-production services.

Katz Design can support our clients right into full production using our global production networks. Speed to market, quality, and cost reduction are the hallmarks of these services.