Corporate Strategy

Helping Map
Your Future

All business cases start with a specific goal such as increase sales, reduce cost, create new innovative SKU’s, or the creation of a sub-category, for example.
We craft innovation strategies including those focused on market penetration, differentiation, UX, even patent, all resulting in a pathway to competitiveness and growth.Katz Design works with companies, from start-ups to multinationals, to increase the potential for innovation.

Katz Design works with companies, from start-ups to multinationals, increasing their potential. All problems have their solution. That is our mantra, born from experience.

Regardless of problem set complexity, there is an optimized path forward. Katz Design has helped countless companies with their pathfinding and corporate strategy definition.

At times, even the most experienced companies need a fresh perspective sourced from an entirely different gene pool. New points of view can fine tune orientation, leading to growth, increased profitability and more fluid customer engagement. Understanding the dynamics of businesses is part of our DNA.

Varied problem sets from toy goods to aerospace products have provided our team with a unique perspective, but mostly a keen ability to Identify issues and convert them into opportunities.

We craft strategies focused on finding opportunities, developing innovation, improving market penetration, crafting tailored UX’s, mining intellectual property, all resulting in a more direct path forward to achieve yet unimagined corporate goals.

Guidance Provided by Tactical Entrepreneurs

Practice what you preach and preach what you practice. A very unsusual aspect of our firm is we are not an industrial design company,... all the time... Our day job includes acting as entreprenurs, spawning, growing and managing our own businesses born out of our keen ability to identifying opportunity. Devloping our own products, and spinning them off into new companies or licencing agreements driven by solid intellectual property, has permitted us to be disruptive, time and time again. We fold back this vision and entrepreneurial sensitivity into like services benefiting our product development client base.

The one goal that ties all of our endeavors together is innovation. Whether it be for our companies or our client's, we drive innovation as innovation drives busness.

When seeking fresh solutions, our nearly 4 decades of experience can lend perspective, laying out paths that lead to growth. Its what we do best.