Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Digital circuit design, CAD
Marrying arguably the best amplifier and pre-amplifier ciruit design with industrial design.
A Marriage Made in Heaven

The Berning audio circuit has long been know by the most ardent adiophiles to be best in class. Zero Hysterisis trachnology delivers that. But until now, that slice of heaven was not presented in a heavenly package and lacked a requisit digital interface at the preamp level.

So how do you personify heaven? The Katz Design team worked to produce a clean and fluid design vernacular with the goal of delivering the purest form factor taking into consideration all technical requirements so as to match the actual sonic purity. Together the Berning audiophile amplifier and pre-amplifier deliver a little heaven on earth.

Patented zero hysteresis circuit coupled with OTL architecture provides one of the worlds cleanest sounding audiophile pre-amplifiers available. A digital control interface was developed to ease operational requirements. Thermal constaints were managed by convective and conductive means to ensure stable operating temperatures.

A zero hysteresis circuit is used again, coupled with OTL tube architecture provides one of the worlds cleanest audiophile amplifiers available. The circuit path is unaltered and uncoloured in any way thanks to this technology, making it stand out comapred to all others.