Bauer Re-Akt 150 Hockey Helmet

Bauer Hockey Ltd
CAD Design
Class A surface construction of helmet components

Bauer Hockey's sole mission is focused on player safety and more intelligent helmet systems which contribute to safer play. The Re-Akt 150 has changed the game quite literally. Hockey helmets must fit the user for it to protect. Our team assisted Bauer in detail designs which were built in a virtual CAD environment for concept validation, tooling and production purposes.

The FreeForm™ Adjustment System provides independent length and width adjustment for a truly personalized fit. This system offers up to 18mm of width adjustment, which is 250% more than any other Bauer helmet. The shell is moulded with high impact grade HDPE.

The adjustment system is very simple and straightforward. Simplicity alows quick and accurate adjustment while wearing the helmet so fit can actually be "felt" and dialed in one adjustment cycle without having to try / re-adjust.

A selection of visors and cages complete the offering for a full systems approach.