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Fiberbuilt® Golf Range System. Adding functionality, style and innovation to a tired product sector


…Or five, or thirty or more practice stations. Golf practice range operators now have a choice as to the quantity of practice stations they choose to use, this time with exciting new and fresh attributes. Rethinking and reinventing the ubiquitous golf practice mat used at ranges around the globe, the Fiberbuilt® range mat system offers a myriad of new features and a whole new form factor changing this product category forever.


Oval mat geometries provide an exciting and logical new form factor. Moving away from the standard rectangular geometries, main mat components are coupled with an oval striking surface, providing exciting curvilinear range layouts for the very first time. Course architects can now design fluid, functional systems as opposed to being locked into straight lines.


Angular orientation is variable through 15-degree detents. Easy snap-together assembly provides efortless setup and storage for ranges in colder climes, off-season. Worn-out turf striking surfaces can easily be swapped out economically with low-cost replacement modules, maintaining a fresh new look extending the product life cycle.

160-Ball Stack

A ball mold quickly sets up a copious 160-ball stack for private clubs. The need for range staff to replenish and maintain ball provisions is kept to a minimum, reducing daily maintenance costs.