Speedo and TYR (concurrently)
Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, CAD, Intellectual Property Mass production technology, intelectual property.
Refining the user interface for a richer training experience. Utility patents permited licensing to the Titans: both Speedo and TYR concurrently.


Helping Olympians win gold and junior swimmers aspire to achieve gold... Refining the staid swim kickboard presented a great opportunity to advance this product category to a new level. The dedicated design thrust was focused on the user experience optimizing ergonomics and the swimmer’s position in relationship to the training board. This included gripping means for both two handed and one handed training expercises. Thes innovations led to patents, securing a global monopoly. To date this is the only product which the two Titans of Swim, Speedo and TYR have both licensed concurrently.


Forearm stabilization grooves give the swimmer support where needed allowing them to focus on training without expending energy unnecessarily. Lower hydro dynamic base grooves further provide stability for better tracking. Moulded in palm and finger gripping features further help the swimmer control the board without undue energy expended, permitting focus on leg training, as intended.


Double Density swim kickboard. A new approach in kickboard design. Higher density material provides structure while softer EVA foam provides a comfortable and soft user interface. Lower cost material provide ample floatation, while a thin layer of comfortable EVA boosted the user value proposition significantly at very small additional cost.


Arm stabilization grooves further support the swimmer’s training position so the focus can be directed to the training exercises. Ergonomic hand positioning also enhances the user experience.