Landau Sacomoto
Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, CAD
Mobility made easy. Finally, a luggage system that takes the entire load off.

Removing the word “schlepping” from the travel experience. The Landau Sacamoto luggage system allows the traveler to take a load off.

A very sleek form factor packs surprises that change up the user experience totally.

Resolving the issues with present day 2 and 4 wheel luggage, automatic pop out support legs make zooming to the gate easy and effortless as full support is at last provided with proper ergonomics. As the handle is extracted the support legs deploy automatically, and retract magically when reinserted.

Moulded in recessed handles ensures nothing on the luggage gets snagged along its long intra-airport conveyor belt journey. The luggage has a significantly increased chance of looking as good as it did when the bag was dropped off, as it does when you pick it up on the carousel.

Details always count. Even the polyurethane wheels sport sleek covers providing added durability and good looks. TSA locks prevent tampering.