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Reinvention of the ubiquitous salad spinner. Patented Mechanism providing a fresh UX.

Eat your vegetables!... A total rethinking of the salad spinner as we know it. Using a spring loaded power mechanism of this salad / vegetable / fruit spinner, has led to a fluid and clean form factor, as well as a simplification of the actual drying process. No cords to pull or levers to pump. Simply rotate the handle ½ turn and the system powers up by itself bringing the basket to high RPM’s. Patents pending. Simple. Fresh. Fun. Magical.

A simple form factor defines this product. A stowable handle flips up when needed to power the system, and folds back when not in use. A sprung detent holds the handle in place. P.O.M. and P.A. polymers are used for the internal mechanism, ensuring silky smooth operation. A break button stops rotation when drying is done permitting salad prep to be completed in short order. All parts are machine washable for convenience.

Lettuce, fine herbs or delicate and fragile berries all get the same red carpet treatment. One spinner fits all. Cenfrifugal force and duration of the drying cycle are controlled by the engineered mechanism. Choices are presented by way of very understandible and simple moulded in icons on the spinner's lid. Dial up the requisite energy as shown by the icon depictions and,.. voila...