Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, CAD
First ATV in the world. Coordination of the R&D teams

Knowing the reputaion of our firm, Bombardier (now "BRP" - Bombardier Recreational Products) invited Katz Design to assist with the indusctrial design of what was the first 4 wheel ATV in the world. That was only a portion of the requested services. As our firm likes to tackle challenging mechanical engineering problems, we were also aske to help coordinate all interaction betweeen their industrial design department wit htehir mechanical engineering department. We were happy to help out.

Generating the first 4 wheel ATV presented several challenges. Working the form factor defining this new product was a major portion of the work. Structurally, injection moulded housing parts help define insternal metal structires as well. This formed most of the coordinations work.

Racks, steering console, mud guards and all other non metalic parts were designed giving a utilitarian yet somewhat aggresive look for the time. The product launched and was well received, copied by all other recreational vehicle manufacturers.