Mighty Cast
Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, CAD, DFMA, Pre-Production Services
The first customizable smart band.


Working with the Mighty Cast's marketing, engineering and production teams, our Ninja Hit Squad took care of the industrial design development of the NEX Band, including mechanical structures, internal architecture definition, and electrical component interfacing. The result is the NEXt generation social networking and gaming wearable tool giving developers so many possibilities in UX creation.


Snap on, removable and tradable interactive smart “Mods” (modules) create a whole new intelligent user interface as defined my Mighty Cast's marketing staff. Each mod has its own identity who’s history is trackable throughout its lifecycle. New mod designs and styles will keep this wearable tech fresh for years to come.


NEX Band coupled with snap on mods communicate with the user’s smartphone offering a a myriad of social networking and gaming applications and utilities. Tactile and visual feedback couples with the users smartphone apps where the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Working with off-shore suppliers, the Katz Design team was able to further refine the mass-production process with cost savings in mind. A highly complex product system (micro-PCB's with SMT LED's, LiPo battery accommodation, overmoulded flat cable integration, mechancal snap on Mods with IP66 connections, sizing for kids to adults, elastomeric push button controls, sprung connector development, etc.) ....was given life...

A crafted UX conceived by the Mighty Cast team, resolved and ready.